Lindsey Mackay Robinson

Lindsey Mackay Robinson

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Hi everyone !

My name is Lindsey and i´m from Edinburgh in Scotland.
Although for the past 40 years I´ve been living in Spain and also
travelling extensively around the world... visiting, investigating
and generally taking interest in other people´s culture, gastronomy
and wise healing remedies. I´ve also been fortunate to cook for people
in other countries, so I got first hand knowledge of their products
and culinary abilities. Many years ago I travelled as personal assistant,
cook and masseuse, to a well known spiritual teacher who was also
intrigued by a healthy living style of life, she was from California
so information exchange with her was talk of the day.

It all started in London when I went over there for the first time to better my life, thinking that I was going for a month, I stayed for four years. I soaked up all the training and information possible, it was all there for the learning and taking. I found myself training with a french company in their cordon bleu cuisine, so exciting... and those wines to accompany just sent me off on a poetic journey of food preparation and presentation. I sought out certain chefs, and just asked if I could come and work to learn beside them... they saw my enthusiasm and invited me in. I learned italian and indian (my favorite) in the same way, doing courses and hands on wherever
I could.

However before I left the UK once again, vegetarian cookery seduced me for it´s diversity of ingredients, color and great digestion. Then I was off on another trail, ordering books from USA and the UK. I would go to bed at night reading a veggie cook book. I´d found my great love and we were a good team, nature and I seem to communicate. I understood it. To feel good you must look after the digestive system, your second brain, it´s what keeps your motor turning smoothly. It´s queen to your body and king to your soul
So my instincts took me to naturopathic studies, health, nutrition and body-working... and believe me I never tire of them. They are my life and my love.

They take me through the difficulties, and crown my glories... it´s an never ending investigation of healthy recipes to present on the table to clients and friends, herbal tonics, toothpastes and beauty creams. Natural aromas for calming the nervous system or deepening meditation. Hand movements around the body which I learned in Australia from a chinese family who saw me practising Tai Chi every morning. They asked me to join them in the park under the banyan tree where they were giving classes of accupunture in movement. Fascinated I went and learned what they called Falun Gong. Potent hand movements around the body clearing the energy fields, cleaning out old patterns and bringing
in the new.

Working with Rosa Maria Wynn the translator of The Course in Miracles from english into spanish catapulted my spiritual growth into an understanding of unity and oneness. I craved for more. I yearned healing. I learned many techniques and had many teachers. The conclusion comes to me in quietness and reading the spaces between the lines of all the text books which still line my book shelves. Above all I learned to listen, an art which is useful in bodyworks, I listen to the body through my hands then start to massage the client as is needed. All through the massage I listen and work accordingly. Grounding the energy and finally opening the points to receive the new.
My eyes opened wide there was wisdom all around. I´d been asleep for years.

So here I am years later in the beautiful island of Mallorca, where I have settled in the south in a quaint rural village. I´m fortunate to work in and assist the running of a peaceful retreat centre called Finca Sanau. You can have a look here:

I am happy to cook there
for wonderful clients
from all over the world

Here you can come to my retreats for a deep rest. Leave your routine behind and succumb to the poetic nature of rural Mallorca. Where I invite you to let go and allow another space to evolve in quietness. You´ll eat great gourmet food... highly nutritious drinks and meet like minded people. Join the crusade to living with a smile, learn to breath calmly. Be inspired by my well being practises. Find yourself. Know who you are. Express your body, listen to it´s pulse. Have a massage everyday. Allow yourself to be pampered and let go.

The profound rest and rejuvenation retreats
with detox gourmet eating...waits for you to join me.
Allowing my team and me to take care of you
and your special needs

Please write to me at
for information of the next retreats and activities.

I am also available to give classes,
courses and retreats in your area upon request.