Buckwheat Bread with seeds and herbs x 6 breads

Buckwheat Bread with seeds and herbs x 6 breads

Place all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl

250grs. buckwheat flour, 250grs. ground green pumpkin seeds, 250grs. partially ground sunflower seeds, 250grs. ground raw almonds, 6 heaped spoons of phsyllium husks, 150grs. Chia seeds, 150grs. Partially ground linseeds, 2 heaped spoons of oregano, 2 spoons of dried ground rosemary.

Salt. Hand mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Add 1.5 ltrs. of water and 100mls. of olive oil. Knead the mixture until the dry ingredients have been absorbed by the liquids. Leave to settle for a few hours. Put into bread tins.

Bake in the oven slowly at 130º for an hour and a half. Half way through the baking take the bread out of the tins and finish baking upside down to make sure the bread is fully cooked in the center of the loaf.

Allow to cool before cutting. Freezes well in zip lock bags.