Ayurveda means the science of man.
It´s ancient healing wisdom from India, treats the individual and their specific needs through the understanding of your Prakruti, your original energetic field, born with you at the moment of your conception

It can reveal to you how you can go back to basics
and re-balance your habits liberating a more calm,
peaceful and satisfying way of life.

It is a complete philosophy of living as a healing art

Through the practice of eating a basic healthy diet, omitting all foodstuffs which are unnatural and replacing them with vibrant nutrition which cleanses and plenishes the body, leads you to reveal your natural body shape and feel more in touch with yourself.

Receiving massage helps to de-stress and let go of the daily demanding routine. Pampering your soul through touch re-connecting yourself to your very essence of creativity. Perceive life through a different perspective of well being and balanced connection.

Start with a winter meditative retreat focused on health being your greatest wealth in beautiful rural Mallorca.