Massage and Body Techniques

Lindsey has developed
«The Serenity Process»
a deep tissue ultra relax massage

«Her strong hands with delicate touch
and her knowledge of natural techniques
help to free yourself of pain and stress»

Full body
meridian massage
with Reiki Aromatherapy
and hot oils

75 mins. 60€

Craneo Sacral
with Reiki

60 mins. 50€

Thai massage

Practised in comfortable clothing
without the use of oils

75 mins. 60€

Indian head massage
with facial reflexology

75 mins. 60€

Body Scrub
Rice rub with lavender
Rose water and cucumber toner

90 mins. 75€

Lymphatic Drainage

60 mins 45€
or frequent treatments 30€

Lymphatic Drainage
with Dien Cham
(head massage, neck,
shoulders and arms)
special for models,
photo shoot, weddings
and to rejuvenate
the facial expression

90 mins. 75€

Home visit available (price of treatment +15€)