Nutritional Cookery

Nutritional Cookery

Stimulate your immune system
through nutritional health practices
strengthening your personal
support system

«It´s a humble manifestation of choosing
to look after yourself resulting in feeling good,
clear minded with a calm sensation»

After all health is your greatest wealth

I propose a
Health-food Cookery Course.
There you can revitalize
yourself as you learn to
adjust your diet through
the practice of
“Concious Eating and Living”
Learning how to combine
our food so as to complete
the necessary amino-acids
for strengthening
our immune system.


In the course you will learn about your “Constitutional Energy Fields”,
which ones dominate you and how you can adjust your diet accordingly.
You will understand about dietary supplements to re-inforce your inmune system.
The use of minerals as preventive medicine. Each day we will record your PH balance.

There is no other way of cleansing our internal systems except by consuming healthy food and beverage.
Part of Lindsey’s Cookery is based on completing the protein in a vegetarian diet which is vital for optimal health.

Eating a well balanced diet which suits you, should offer you the body shape which corresponds to you. Disease cannot exist where there is balance, we release the vital energy required to heal our bodies through optimal nutrition.

«Lindsey is a great believer in eating healthy balanced meals, nourishing and detoxifying our system each day. We eat to nourish and cleanse our bodies».

In Mallorca retreat hosting Lindsey and her team of professionals offer first class hosting for your retreats in rural Mallorca.

Many recipes in the course, and the foods you will eat in the retreats are based on the combination of legumes, cereals, nuts and seeds. Local organic products are used in Lindsey’s kitchen.

The star of the table being the healthy raw salads, sprouts and dressings, besides the legume pates, the seed sauces and the simply delicious dishes made with wholegrain cereals.

The course includes the hands on preparation of the main meals. The object of the course is to demonstrate how to combine certain foods so as to nourish our bodies constantly giving rise to a more grounded and confident person.

You will be given the recipes of all the meals provided and tips on how to organize your kitchen pantry, fridge and family/personal shopping.